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  • Committed [8647c2]

    cobbler: Handle disks with fragmented OS9Boot f...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Developers on The NitrOS-9 Project

    Tormod, That's not quite right. When you do an Ident on DD, you will get Ty/LA At/Rv...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #5 on The NitrOS-9 Project

    Bill Pierce did a good job of answering this request. The important thing is to decide...

  • Committed [444614]

    rb1773: Support 6309 on level 1 as well

  • Committed [011a5f]

    rb1773: Fix comments about 135 TPI versus 48 or 96

  • Committed [824019]

    rb1773: Make 48 TPI floppy disks readonly in 96...

  • Committed [c91cd2]

    rb1773: Fix typo in write precompensation code

  • Committed [a1c9fa]

    coco3: Avoid duplicate ddd0_80d.dd on 80DS disk...

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