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Tree [r6505] /

File Date Author Commit
newgenlib-code 2014-10-13 hareesh-verus [r6125] Initial import.
Clientv2 2009-06-22 sandeep_quill [r2063]
DataRectificationTool 2013-10-29 siddartha-verus [r5211]
EJBv2 2009-08-18 verussolutions [r2109]
GB 2014-03-03 siddartha-verus [r5785]
MARCComponentv2 2008-06-23 verussolutions [r112] Initial Import
NGLLucene 2009-03-09 naveen_verus [r1475]
NGLUCIndexer 2012-04-11 siddartha-verus [r2999] Commit
NGLUpgradeTo3_0 2009-02-27 verussolutions [r1423] Initial upload
NGLUtilities 2009-04-17 naveen_verus [r1883]
NGLWorkingCopy 5 days ago siddartha-verus [r6505]
NGLv2JZKit 2008-07-04 verussolutions [r182] Initial import
NGLv2PredictionAlgorithm 2009-06-09 kondalu_verus [r2025]
NGLv2Utilities 2008-07-04 verussolutions [r184] Initial import
NGLv2Z3950 2008-07-04 verussolutions [r186] Initial import
NGLv2Z3950Client 2008-07-04 verussolutions [r188] Initial import
NGLv3Client 2008-10-15 naveen_verus [r598]
NGLv3SL 2009-07-03 kondalu_verus [r2106] Me Commiting Santosh Code
NGLv3Web 2009-07-02 sandeep_quill [r2105]
NetBeansProjects 2012-03-27 jagan1986 [r2927] c
NewGenLibDesktopv2 2009-08-25 verussolutions [r2110]
NewGenLibEndOfDayProcessv2 2009-04-30 verussolutions [r1935]
PredictionAlgorithm3_0 2009-05-15 kondalu_verus [r2009]
R3Proxy 2009-04-06 somesh_quill [r1731] This is R3Proxy
jzkit 2008-07-04 verussolutions [r180] Initial import
webv2 2009-07-29 verussolutions [r2108]