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File Date Author Commit
CX3D2NeuroML 2011-08-23 pgleeson [r798] Adding modified version of CX3D with greater Ne...
CommandLineUtils 2010-07-28 pgleeson [r429] Updated docs for ChannelMLConverter to reflect ...
DemoVer2.0 2012-04-04 pgleeson [r946] Updating NMLVer2_Test examples to use the lates...
HHChannelAnalyser 2013-11-11 pgleeson [r1105] Moving these scripts to github
LEMS 2012-08-19 pgleeson [r998] Update to demo flattening functionality, partia...
NETMORPH2NeuroML 2010-08-25 pgleeson [r444] Update to README for Netmorph mapping file
NetworkSpec_v2.0 2010-01-15 pgleeson [r302] Restructuring some of the Demo/test NML v2 files
NeuroML2 2015-01-28 pgleeson [r1197] Support for gap junctions in ChannelML2NeuroML2...
NeuroML2POVRay 2014-01-22 pgleeson [r1120] Info on move to github...
NeuroML2nrn 2013-03-22 pgleeson [r1037] ignoring backup file
NewWebsite 2014-10-06 pgleeson [r1185] Adding link to main nml2 page
SBML2NEURON 2013-05-02 pgleeson [r1060] Referencing jNeuroML
TestLibNeuroML 2010-07-05 sijigeorge [r423] little bit of code clean up
branches 2008-11-11 pgleeson [r176] Changes jsps to redirect to
jNeuroMLJar 4 days ago pgleeson [r1200] Updating to latest jar file
nrn2NeuroML 2013-03-20 pgleeson [r1033] Retested on 7.2 & 7.1 & 6.2, with all latest ch...
tags 2008-11-14 pgleeson [r179] v1.7.3 release
tempModels 2008-12-03 pgleeson [r195] Adding some readme files
trunk 2014-08-20 adrianq [r1166] fix wrong upload
README 2007-12-07 pgleeson [r41] Initial commit of NeuroML importer python file ...

Read Me

The root of the NeuroML SVN repository.


trunk		The main branch of the NeuroML specifications/web application
nrn2NeuroML	Conversion files to generate NeuroML from inside NEURON
NeuroML2nrn	Python script for importing NeuroML (mainly MorphML) into NEURON