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#46 Page up/down shouldn't move cursor

Michael Sullivan

Use the page up/down keys shouldn't move the cursor
(i.e. they should behave like scroll up/down works).

Currently, the cursor keeps repositioning itself every
time you press page up/down. I don't understand why
you would want your cursor to keep moving around on
you just because you want to look somewhere else in
the file briefly.

I actually modified my private copy of 5.2 to behave this
way, but when I upgraded to 5.3, I never got back
around to making the change again. Now that I'm
working with 5.4RC1, I decided to try to get this change
added in officially. I can try to dig out my 5.2 changes
if it would help.

If not everybody likes this change, perhaps there could
be a preferences that could turn it on/off.


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    That's why NEdit has a macro language and lets you redefine
    the keyboard at your wishes. What can be the problem
    of assigning the page down key to next_page("scrollbar")
    and the page up key to previous_page("scrollbar")?

    This is even quicker than making a feature request :-)


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    I absolutely disagree with this as it is completely contrary
    to the way every application I have ever used works. I agree
    with Joerg, do it as a macro!

    Tim H.

  • Thorsten Haude
    Thorsten Haude

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    This request should be denied. This would change a basic
    behaviour to something no other application does.

    It is also easy to configure NEdit locally to do it.

    • status: open --> closed