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  • Posted a comment on merge request #3 on NEdit

    It's simpler than you think. Just commit to master, that's our "dev branch". It is...

  • Committed [d4fb25]

    Replace XtNew with NEditNew, for completeness w...

  • Committed [cba573]

    Support clang explicitly

  • Committed [e244d6]

    fixed x86 Linux Clang v3.5 warnings, whiteliste...

  • Posted a comment on merge request #3 on NEdit

    Thanks for contributing! You'll want to use "200304" instead of "20030304" I'd rather...

  • Committed [be20da]

    Removed more CVS keywords

  • Committed [58530d]

    Refactored rbTree and reference-counted strings...

  • Committed [3728b7]

    Removed CVS keywords

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