Localhost mysql server storage?

  • mattbassdude

    So this is a newb mistake, but I was working on a couple sites on my apache
    localhost server (I'm running Lion on my MBP) then when I got online hosting I
    started uploading one of those two sites, and it was seemless as I
    exported/imported my databases for that site. However, before I did the same
    for the second site, I replaced my internal hard drive and reinstalled the
    same OS. I have a time machine back up of my entire previous drive , and it's
    not even the data that I need, just the structure of the database and tables
    that I'd like to get back.

    So, wondering if that is stored somewhere in the phpmyadmin files, or in the
    private/etc folders? Or if I should just suck it up and re-create the tables.
    Any help would be muchly appreciated!