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File Date Author Commit
images 2013-08-13 jamoflaw [r1] Initial Commit
scripts 2014-06-03 jamoflaw [r28]
xml 2014-06-03 jamoflaw [r27] Update to mURLin 0.2.4
LICENCE 2013-08-15 jamoflaw [r5]
README 2013-08-15 jamoflaw [r5]
functions.js 2013-11-08 jamoflaw [r23] form validation added to the UI
jquery-1.10.2.min.js 2013-08-13 jamoflaw [r1] Initial Commit
mURLin.php 2013-10-20 jamoflaw [r15] Update now works for all instances not just whe...
setup.php 2014-06-03 jamoflaw [r27] Update to mURLin 0.2.4
showpage.php 2013-10-14 jamoflaw [r13] fixed some proxy issues (Thanks to Vincent)
url_edit.php 2013-10-26 jamoflaw [r19] fixed bug in the proxy functions for the text m...

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