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Read Me

===== Installation and Use =====

Alternative 1: Using the .java file

* In your project, create a new package de.winterdrache.layout and copy the file into this package

* You're done.

Alternative 2: Using the MSBLayout-<version>.jar file

* Copy MSBLayout-<version>.jar to a place appropriate for your project

* Add MSBLayout-<version>.jar to the build and run classpath for your project

* You're done.

===== Building instructions =====

To build the project yourself, you need Apache Ant (
Simply run
  ant clean all

from the top-level directory of the extracted source package (MSBLayout-src-<version>.zip).
The build will create MSBLayout-<version>.jar in the dist/ subdirectory.

See the beginning of the file "build.xml" for a list of targets that may be of interest.

===== Homepage, Updates =====

The most recent version of MSBLayout is available at

===== Bug Reports, Feedback, Support =====

Please use the mailing list: