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Read Me

MP View source package

MP View is distributed under GNU GPL license.
See file doc/LICENSE.GPL for full text of the license.
See file doc/AUTHORS for information about author(s)
of MP View.

MP View homepage:

MP View project page on sourceforge:

Required Libraries

Following libraries are required to compile MP View:
Qt 4.1 or newer, may work with 4.0 (untested)

Following libraries are not required, but are highly recommended:
libpng				(For reading and writing PNG files)
IJG JPEG LIBRARY (libjpeg) 6b	(For reading and writing JPEG files)
libtiff				(For reading and writing TIFF files)
libMagick++			(For reading and writing all formats
				 that ImageMagick can handle)

GraphicsMagick can be also used instead of ImageMagick.

If configure can find them, they will be used, unless explicitly disabled.

Compilation under linux:



When configure finishes, run 


To install the package, use (as root)

 make install

You can specify parameters to configure process, type

 ./configure --help

to see list of parameters you can use to change the build process

Compilation under windows:

You will need following to compile MP View under windows:

gcc      - You can get win32 port at http://www.mingw.org/
binutils - ar, make and such. You can get them at http://www.mingw.org/ too
sed      - Stream editor. There are many win32 ports of sed.
           One is at http://unxutils.sourceforge.net/ for example
Qt4      - Get it at http://www.trolltech.com/developer/downloads/qt/windows
           (you will need gcc to compile it)

You have to manually stuff paths to includes and libraries into src/config.win
Add paths to libraries and libraries to EXTRA_LIBS, add path to include files
to EXTRA_INCLUDES (unless you stuffed all include files to the same directory
where gcc hold standard c++ includes). For each library you do not have,
comment out appropriate #defines in file aconf.h.win
Since there is no such standard directory for header or library files
(as is /usr/include on unix-like systems), you may need to supply this
configuration by yourself.

Set QTDIR to location where you have compiled Qt4
Add %QTDIR%\bin to PATH


If you have done alll steps correctly, in directory src\mpview-package
is subdirectory "mpview", containing the application. Copy/move it
anywhere (maybe in "Program files" directory) and start using it.

Known issues

* All files are saved with 24 (RGB), 32bit (RGBA) or 8bit (grayscale) depth
  regardless of original bit depth
* If compiled using Qt 4.1 or older, small inaccuracies may be visible when
  redrawing image when using "noninteger" zoom (zoom that cannot be expressed
  as N*100% or 100%/N where N is integer. For example 475% zoom).
  This is caused by bug in Qt 4.1 and cannot be fixed.
  Use QT4.2 or newer to fix this.