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MplayerXP-mplayer with extra performance / News: Recent posts

MPlayerXP-0.7.96 has been released

I'm glad to announce the next release of the project which fixes some problems of previous release.

Brief list of changes for this release:

* enable software scaler in x11 full-screen mode. Fixed xinerama moving position
* minor speedup and fixes
* fixed some configure-related problems and compilation with latest gcc-4.4.x

Posted by nickols_k 2010-02-01

MPlayerXP-0.7.95 has been released

I'm glad to announce the next release of the project which opens new epoch in its generation.

Brief list of changes for this release:
* significant acceleration of playback. Now 64-bit version can scale 640x480 up to 2000x1500+ at 25 FPS
in real-time without frame-dropping with using of non-accelerated '-vo x11' driver
on Quad-Core AMD Phenom-9550 running at 2.2GHz
* project migrated from CVS on SVN
* Renamed command-line arguments to be more object-oriented
* Redesigned internal architecture of the player (now it being building statically with all internal libs)
* new configure script
* modified some drivers and added new ones.
* fixed some lacks and bugs (now player can play H.264 on non-accelerated X11 surface)
* started replacement of all inline asm code with intrinsic technology called as pvector (portable vector library).

Posted by nickols_k 2010-01-25

MplayerXP now resides in SVN

I need to announce that CVS repository is not longer used by mplayerxp. All further changes will be commited into new SVN repository of the project. SVN lost CVS history because rsynced dump file was large than 120Mb and i had no time to upload it back to SF.net

Posted by nickols_k 2009-12-03

MPlayerXP-0.7.2 has been released

I'm glad to announce new release of the project! This release was focused as minor bug-fix and minor features enhancement release

Posted by nickols_k 2009-01-25

MPlayerXP-0.7.1 has been released

I'm glad to announce new release of the project!

Thsi release was focused as major features enhancement release

Posted by nickols_k 2009-01-06

MPlayerXP-0.6.2 has been released

I'm glad to announce new release of the project!

Thsi release was focused as minor bugfix release

Posted by nickols_k 2007-04-07

MPlayerXP-0.6.1 has been released

I'm glad to annouce a long awaited release with performance bugfixes and new features! I would recommend to upgare your copies for all users of this project

Posted by nickols_k 2006-12-23

MPlayerXP_0.6.0 has been released

I'm glad to annouce a long awaited release with many bugfixes and new features! I would recommend to upgared your copies for all users of this project

Posted by nickols_k 2006-10-01

MPlayerXP supports new MRL: vcdnav://

If you are owner of Video CD, SVCD, HQVCD, XVCD then you may interest with new feauter of the project. It depends on libvcdinfo from http://www.vcdimager.org project and libcdio from http://www.gnu.org/software/libcdio. These libraries are more compatible with ISO, MMC standards than homebrewed stuff vcd:// So please spend more attention for new MRL because old 'vcd://' probably will be removed.

Posted by nickols_k 2005-05-19

MPlayerXP has been ported under Win32

I'm glad to announce that MPlayerXP works under Win32!!!
Right for now it still have some troubles with some streams
but almost all native codecs are working!

Please see MPlayerXP's FAQ:
for details.

Posted by nickols_k 2005-04-14

mplayerxp-0.5.1 has been released

I'm glad to announce the next release of the project.
This release looks more stable and usable than previous so
I would suggest to upgrade for everyone who uses this project.

Posted by nickols_k 2005-04-03

Working mplayerxp+VESA+ext3+threads

Was found way to get mplayerxp working under subj!!!
It's not a secret that mplayerxp produced coredump
after start with -vo vesa with mounted ext3fs

Unfortunately, the problem has no solution with linux-2.4+linuxthreads :(
It seems, that you will be lacky only with linux-2.6.x+nptl
(which is part of glibc-2.3.3+) !
As for me, I have no longer any problems with my home system!

Posted by nickols_k 2005-01-29

MplayerXP-0.5.0 has been released

Happy New Year!

I'm glad to announce new release of the project!
Guess many users will be happy with this release.
It's far from perfection (means 1.0.0 version) but
enough useable.
Full changelog see on download page.

Posted by nickols_k 2004-12-30

PTS-based A-V sync method was finished

Hope, it's the end of any possible potential A-V resync.

Posted by nickols_k 2003-04-21

mplayerxp CVS-state

Just want to publish some key features which are avaliable in mplayerxp-CVS:
- added new feature in mp3lib: mp3_scaler
- the maximal number of buffers for decoding ahead was increased upto 1024
- busmastering with 3DRagePro chips has been fixed
- mplayerxp now uses an official version of libdvdnav
- were fixed many bugs
I'm going to perform some tests and release new version of mplayerxp (after fixing of known bugs)

Posted by nickols_k 2003-01-06

mplayerxp-0.1.9 has been released

I'm glad to announce the new release of mplayerxp-0.1.9.
This release was not scheduled and you can't extract it from
CVS with using of -rtag or -D flags! It's collection of stable
patches which were applied into "old" 2-thread based core.
Main goal of releasing this version is applying of thread-safe
interface to demuxer. Hope that this release will be rock-stable
(much stable than 0.1.0 at least).

Posted by nickols_k 2002-11-17

New audioplay thread, -xp <0-3>

mplayerxp was redesigned and supports now a several models of decoding ahead and playback. Special thanks to Olov Gustavsson. With using of -xp 3 model now it possible to avoid player blocking during audio playback on some bad sound cards! Also there was solved problem of reenterable access to old non reenterable demuxer -xp <2 or 3>
For details see:

Posted by nickols_k 2002-11-01

Using VIDIX as non-ROOT under Linux!

After latest changes in CVS now it's possible to use VIDIX as non-ROOT.
For detail see: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=921548&forum_id=8191

Posted by nickols_k 2002-07-24

Busmastering with ATI Mach64

In CVS was imlpemented new feature of mplayerxp - bus mastering!
For detail see: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=914312&forum_id=8191

Posted by nickols_k 2002-07-22


After a long period of development I'm glad to announce the new release of this project - 0.1.0. Mainly this release is introduced as major bugfix and feature enhancement release. I know - it still contains some bugs and lacks but I dunno any project which is free from them

Posted by nickols_k 2002-07-19

The latest CVS state

I'm glad to announce that the latest CVS state contains a lots of improvements:
- added new vidix driver: 3DLabs GLINT R3/Permedia3
- restored ogg-vorbis support
- fixed XP mode with QT-MOV streams
- added XP mode with X11, DGA vo_drivers

I'm looking for new release!

Posted by nickols_k 2002-04-25

MplayerXP: XP mode with ASF formats

I've commited into CVS fixes for ASF demuxer to make it ready for XP mode. Of course, there can be problems so this
feature required to be tested much better. But it already works with every ASF file which I have.

Posted by nickols_k 2002-04-09

MplayerXP: decoding ahead with VESA

MplayerXP is branch of well known mplayer (http://mplayerhq.hu) which is based on new (thread based) core. The new core provides better CPU utilization and excellently improves performance of video decoding.

I commited DECODING AHEAD for VESA driver into CVS!
Currently it works in DGA mode only. This means that you can't
get it working with -vo vesa:nodga key.
So you can test that and send me bugreports on it.... read more

Posted by nickols_k 2002-04-03


CVS repository has been created. I've imported mplayerxp-0.0.1 as initial point for further development.

Posted by nickols_k 2002-03-23


This release has finished internal interface and indended to be base for further CVS development.
What new:
- Fixed decoding ahead bugs
- Fixed win32-codec related bugs
- removed some features
- implemented dynalinking model of working with codecs

Posted by nickols_k 2002-03-23