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Read Me

 |	 mplay	     |

 mplay is a console based frontend for MPlayer written in Perl.
 MPlayer plays most all audio and video formats. 
 mplay is an audio player with usefull functions such as:

	 keeps a browsable and sortable playlist
	 provides essential status information
	 includes a progress bar
	 remembers the position within the track last played before quitting
	 shows ID3-info / tag and it is possible to edit ID3-tag
	 gives user-friendly output through a colour scheme
	 runs as single-instance (provides basic controlling from outside)
	 provides basic mixer functions
	 provides interactive help (German/English) for control keys	



	  for mplay >0.72 you'll need MPlayer 1.0pre6 from

	  Read the ChangeLog section 'new in 0.72' for more information.

 	 just run ./install
    -h (Usage)
    -f 	(with 'force_install_modules' the perl modules wich are in src/ 
		will be installed automatically without checking if you have this
		perl-modules already installed. That could make sense if you have
		problems or want to update your modules.	)
 you have to install mplay to have an interactive help.
cutmp3 ist from ''
There you can find the sources.


 Thanks to: 	 Fabian Mohren for testing and his ideas.
 		 Philipp Wesche for the correct English 
		  translation of the homepage.
		 Roman Gaufman for bugreports and layout suggestions

 Written by Romulus Pfeiffer <>