I've found several (many?) mp3's recently that mp3gain chokes on, producing the not enough samples error, however that is definitely not the case (5MB+ files).  Foobar has no problem creating or applying replaygain to the files, and no player that I've tried (winamp,foobar,wmp,xbmc,portables etc) have had any problems.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that has experienced this.

I even tried applying the replaygain with foobar (actually applying not just tagging), then rewriting the tags, then bringing the files back into mp3gain and it still produces the error.

Since I've been finding more and more of these as recently, I'm assuming it's an anomaly a certain encoder has introduced, hoever the files I've found have not had any encoder tags to identify it.

Any suggestions?  Any tools to scan and find anomalous frames, just to verify if it really is a data problem?

I'm running 1.2.5 btw.