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Read Me

mesheR Travis Build Status

mesheR is an R-package providing methods for mesh manipulations in R. Its main feature are advanced surface registration algorithms.


This code is still under development, the API may change without further notice, so see commit log in case your old code does not work any more.

Installation of the R-package "mesheR" (latest development code) using devtools:
  1. Make sure, you already have Morpho and Rvcg installed.
  2. install devtools from within R (Ubuntu/Debian users will have to install libcurl4-gnutls-dev beforehand):

  3. Install build environment

    • Windows: Install latest version of Rtools.
      During installation of Rtools make sure to install the toolchain, and to select "Edit the system path" (and confirming the installers suggestions).
    • OSX: Install XCODE
  4. In R run the command: