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Read Me

About this module
This module provides both authentication and authorization for the Apache 2.2
webserver like mod-authnz-ldap. It uses a MySQL database to retrieve user and
group informations.

This module is necessary because the APR library of the Apache webserver
changes a lot of things. The existing MySQL authentication and authorization
modules work only with the Apache < 2.2.
In the Apache 2.2 trunk is a new database access framework called mod-dbd but
due to licence issues there is no MySQL driver for this. With the mod-dbd and
mod-auth-dbd module it is possible to provide authentication and authorization
services against a database (but not for MySQL).

Next steps
1. Compile and install this module (see COMPILE)
2. Create the required database tables (see CONFIGURATION)
3. Configure the Apache2 webserver (see CONFIGURATION)

The module directives are explained in DIRECTIVES.

This module was tested with Debian "unstable" ("Sid") and should work with
the current "testing"-release ("etch").