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Read Me


The microbiomeutil/ package comes with the following:

	ChimeraSlayer/  ChimeraSlayer for chimera detection.

	NAST-iEr/  NAST-based alignment tool.

	WigeoN/    A reimplementation of the Pintail 16S anomaly detection utility 

	RESOURCES/  Reference 16S sequences and NAST-alignments that the tools above leverage.

Installation Requirements:

	The following software tools must be separately installed and made available via your standard PATH setting.



Building and Testing:

In the microbiomeutil/ directory, type:


The above will build the NAST-iEr alignment utility which is written in C.  The other tools are all written in Perl and so don't need to be compiled.

Run tests in the following order:

	make testNast

	make testChimeraSlayer

	make testWigeon

    (or just type:  'make test' and it will cycle through each separately)

Documentation for using the various tools is included on the microbiomeutil website:

Questions, comments, etc?  Please contact Brian Haas via