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clientlib 1.1.5 released

(from the changelog)

7 June 2007 (TG)
-Bugfix. Applied a patch from a contributer (thanks Dave Peckham!) that
fixes a bug where we don't get the proper size of the buffer.
In many cases the code would still work fine, but you may
have experienced periodic errors when working with very large
objects, or seeing wasted space on your memcached servers.

Posted by Tim Gebhardt 2007-06-07

clientlib 1.1.4 released

21 November 2006 (TG)
Signed assembly
I added a keyfile to the solution so that the client library
can be strongly typed. There may be some debate whether or
not the key should be secret, but this is just easier this
way. If people are worried about a modified assembly file
I can start posting MD5 or SHA1 hashes of the binaries
on the project page.

Posted by Tim Gebhardt 2006-11-22

clientlib 1.1.3 released

21 November 2006 (AR)
-Bugfix. Workaround incorporated to work around the bug in
BufferedStream. BufferedStream calls Seek() on streams it
wraps even if the underlying stream does not support Seek()
(such as NetworkStream).

21 November 2006 (TG)
Upgrade. Upgraded the log4net libraries to 1.2.10. Split the /lib
folder into a 1.1 and 2.0 directories.

Posted by Tim Gebhardt 2006-11-21

Migrated from CVS to SVN for repository

Should have done it a long time ago, but the pain was finally bad enough when a developer offered to make a patch but said "I don't have CVS installed on this machine."

Posted by Tim Gebhardt 2006-11-21

clientlib 1.1.2 released

-Performance. Turns out that the thorough (sp?) logging throughout the
library was part of its performance downfall :). There
was a lot of string concatenation and hashtable lookups,
which by themselve don't really do much. However, if you
Do 100,000 hashtable lookups (because all the messages
are internationalized), and 50,000 string concatenations
it starts to all add up. I wrapped every logging statement
with a boolean lookup on log4net which can check to see
if we're even going to log the message, and if not, don't
even do the work involved in logging. If you turn off
logging, or turn it up to some high level like "WARN" or
"ERROR", then you will see a pretty significant performance
benefit, CPU usage down significantly, and network usage
up significantly.

Posted by Tim Gebhardt 2006-04-05

clientlib 1.1.1 released

31 March 2006 (TG)
-Bugfix. There were problems where the busy and available pools were
continually being created over and over again. This has been
fixed and not only does this solve a very subtle outstanding
bug, but it also results in a massive performance increase!
-Bugfix. Fixed the code where we treat the input and output stream
of a SockIO object as two different objects when .NET just
treats them as a single object. This was a hold-over from

Posted by Tim Gebhardt 2006-03-31

clientlib 1.1.0 released

23 Jan 2006 (TG)
-Huge overhaul of code. Basically ran the client library through FxCop (http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/fxcop/) and tried to fix every error. There are breaking changes, but this should be the one and only time this ever happens.
-Internationalized the exception messages and log messages.
-Added 2 FxCop projects (one for .NET 1.1 and one for .NET 2.0) and a custom dictionary file to add our custom words for FxCop.
-Removed the NestedIOException class because the .NET IOException class can do inner exceptions.
-Split off SockIO class into it's own source file.

Posted by Tim Gebhardt 2006-01-24

clientlib 1.0.3 release

See the CHANGELOG to find out the details of this release.

Posted by Tim Gebhardt 2006-01-18