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Read Me

Since OSX is basically BSD UNIX this should compile with few problems.
(Running it might be something else altogether.)

Most importantly, you need FLTK (it must be compiled with shared libraries).
*NOT* FLTK2 - this seems to be still unstable and development has lagged behind 
the 1.x.x version in some areas. (I used 1.3.x) 

The following is from the FLTK README.mac.


    FLTK currently supports the following development
    environments on the MacOS X platform:

	- GCC
	- Metrowerks CodeWarrior
	- (Apple Project Builder - future releases)
	- (MPW - future releases)


    Since the MacOS X command line build environment is based on
    BSD UNIX, the normal UNIX build procedure as described in
    'README' applies.


    The following FLTK things are not implemented or don't work
    at present:

	- Line styles are not fully implemented. "
Note: This is the only thing that might affect the main program (it's only used in one 
place anyway - the drawing guides for section thickness). 

If you use CodeWarrior, you may have a problem with some of the modified FLTK code -
these are the files prefixed with 'M_'. I think M_Curve should be OK - I just added
a bit to extract coordinates from the original code & a few more bits to calculate flaps on the fly.
On the other hand, the standard FLTK FileChooser is really horrible & I ripped stuff out of it 
in large (& possibly injudicious) quantities. (Added a few bits here and there too as
it deactivated the 'OK' button for typed in filenames when saving - possibly due to
my earlier hacking ;^} 

Most of the rest should be available for any BSD based system. (Check the main README)

You will have a problem  with the 'busy.sh' script since this is XWindows specific.
However, this only puts a little animation into the main window to let the user know 
the program is working (all window events are locked out for the duration of a scan or
search since these run outside the main FLTK loop in the interest of speed).
 Just edit out all calls to this (or, better still, write a specific Mac routine & send it
 to me so that I can incorporate it in the final release). You also need a Mac version of 
 'ungifsicle' since the included binary 'gifview' is compiled for Linux.