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Read Me

  Midnight Commander Win32 Native


           o Open Watcom


           o Microsoft Visual Studio

           o gnu-win32

           o gtk-win32

           o Inno Setup

                Required for the creation of installation packages.

      Build steps:

        a. Install the gnuwin32 tool set or similar. (optional) set the
            PATH environment variable to include the win32
            sub-directory which contains console versions of several
            GNU tools, including gmake.


        b. Compiler installation

              For Open-Watcom, install the current Open Watcom 1.9

        c. Install the 'all-in-one-bundle' within the root under
            the directory 'gtk'.


        d. Build the entire tree,

             cd mcwin32

        e. To create the installer,

             start mc-inno-setup.iss