ChangeLog - MComix 0.90.3

The following changes have been made since the last release, 0.90.1:

- MComix now uses a slightly different directory structure than before.
The 'src' folder is now 'mcomix' to provide a correct package name.
'' is now '' to avoid confusing Python by
having a module with the same name as the package around.
Translations and images required by the GUI are now sub-packages of

A setuptools-based replaces This should help for
uniform installs across different operating systems.

- Several strings have been reworked to ease localization.

- Added ability to apply current changes in the edit archive window.

- Various usability fixes on Win32, including Unicode filenames,
loading speed, recently opened files not being displayed,
temporary directories not being deleted, crashing due to missing
icons, MIME type file filters in the "Open" dialog not working,
thumbnails being regenerated unnecessarily, and others.

- Magnifying lens is now hotkeyed to 'L', while 'G' is Go to page. (by

- Right-click menu is now more suitable for fullscreen reading, adding
several menu items previously only available via normal menu. (by

- Additional RAR handler using

Added archive handler using Rarlab's libunrar library
for extracting files. Apart from being faster for sequential
extractions than calling unrar for each single file,
this library supports Unicode filenames natively and thus
allows Windows users to read most RAR files.
Libunrar can be obtained from
and can be placed either in usual system directories such as
/usr/lib or C:\Windows\system32, or directly in MComix' root directory.

- Fixed rar/unrar failing regularly on Win32 when the archive contains
files not matching the current locale.

- Go to Page is now enabled even when the archive is still loading. (by

- Added support for the 7zip archive format. As with rar/unrar, this
requires the "7z" executable being installed and on PATH.

- When pressing CTRL while being in double page mode, stepping forwards
and backwards will now always only advance/go back one image instead of
possibly two.

- Graceful shutdown on SIGTERM. (by Marco Nicolini)

- Switching pages while in slideshow mode now resets the slideshow timer.
(by Anonymous)

- When opening an archive in double page mode, the first page (i.e. the
cover) is displayed as single page.

- The currently opened file can now be extracted from archives using
the 'Save as...' menu item.

- Fixed thumbnail size preference not being respected, and scaling of
book covers in the library dialog being broken.

- Files in the library can now be opened without closing the library
window using the right-click popup menu.

- Reordered various menu items.

- A possible deadlock that could occur when opening archive files has been

- Updated German translation.

Posted by Oddegamra 2011-03-13