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  • Posted a comment on ticket #38 on MComix

    Sure, looks great, so go ahead and commit it. And, yeah, I realize porting/rewriting...

  • Modified ticket #38 on MComix

    use subprocess32 if available

  • Posted a comment on ticket #38 on MComix

    Hey, I silently merged the patches from the other tickets and closed them, so here...

  • Committed [r1063]

    Use subprocess32 for spawning processes when av...

  • Committed [r1062]

    Upgrade log level to WARNING on startup.

  • Committed [r1061]

    Catch errors from worker threads.

  • Committed [r1060]

    Print traceback when callback fails.

  • Committed [r1059]

    Additional debug output for extractor.

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