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Hi, i have a feature request.
When non english speakers view a movie they can put a file inside the movie folder and view the movie with subtitles, comic books don’t have anything like that.
My idea is create a file with page number, X Y coordinates (mabe in percent like a webpage?) and the translated text, this file could be a txt renamed with any other extention, and put in same folder and with same name the comic book. When this file exist inside a folder, MComix could create clickable icons that open a popup with the tranlated text when clicked, or mabe use a sidebar to show the text.
What you think this idea?


  • Oddegamra


    from what I understand, someone thought of an idea like this before. You can take a look at the resulting program Overlay here. It's probably not a bad idea, but personally, I can't say I see much use for it. For one, I have yet to see a comic distributed in this form. This probably has several reasons:

    • Scanlators want their releases to be available to the biggest possible audience, not only to those using a program which supports "soft translations" like this.
    • Likewise, from what I understand, scanlators don't like their scripts being easily available (apparently they fear others stealing them), and a plain-text file with translations in it is pretty much the definition of "easily available".
    • People are used to Photoshop and co. for editing/inserting translation. So, someone would have to develop a tool that creates these translation files in the first place. I'm not sure if Overlay does this, I haven't actually tested it.
  • Oddegamra

    • status: open --> wont-fix