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File Date Author Commit
Encrypt.NET 2007-11-05 ulikoehler [r79] All three modes work now! Relase 0.1
Hashsum 2007-12-10 ulikoehler [r133] Ordner im Projektarchiv angelegt
MD5Summer 2007-10-18 ulikoehler [r43] Changed the code to MD5SummerSSL's Code (Rewrit...
MD5SummerSSL 2007-10-06 ulikoehler [r40] Added functionality for Toggle button (now work...
MTC 2007-09-13 ulikoehler [r10] -Updated code: smaller and faster
MTools 2007-09-19 ulikoehler [r25] -First Release, working converter
MathTrainer 2008-03-04 ulikoehler [r154] Updated project file
MultiUIDGenGTK 2007-12-13 ulikoehler [r143] Ordner im Projektarchiv angelegt
OOCalculators 2007-12-08 ulikoehler [r131] Application works.
RGC 2007-10-04 ulikoehler [r31] Created folder remotedly.
RandGen 2007-10-04 ulikoehler [r30] Completed getRand function.
RandGen.NET 2007-10-31 ulikoehler [r74] Release 0.1, deleted some old files
RandGenGTK 2007-12-03 ulikoehler [r114] Password generator GUI fixed and added checkbox...
RandGenQT 2007-12-05 ulikoehler [r115] Ordner im Projektarchiv angelegt
SQ2 2007-12-09 ulikoehler [r132] Ported to CodeBlocks, Added function to show li...
TextCrypter 2007-12-07 ulikoehler [r120] Decryption does now work.
TextCrypterXOR 2007-12-06 ulikoehler [r116] Ordner im Projektarchiv angelegt
TriCalc 2007-10-10 ulikoehler [r42] Created folder remotely
branch 2007-11-25 ulikoehler [r97] Also work now only for specific key lengths
libuuid 2007-12-20 ulikoehler [r152] Added required file
powTool 2007-09-24 ulikoehler [r28] Created folder remotely
tag 2007-12-07 ulikoehler [r121] Release 0.1 -> export to tag folder