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Read Me

MARC 8 Midi Linux Driver - README
This is a driver for the MARIAN MARC 8 MIDI recording card. It is implemented as an ALSA module.

Kernel >= 2.6.9
marc8 midi card ;-)

All what you have to do is type:

sh# make

If you want to load the module on booting you can install the arc88 module to the kernel modules by typing:

sh# make install

You need to be root or use "sudo" to do this.

To test the driver without installing it into your kernel directory, you have to
do the following steps:

1. Compiling the module

   sh# make

2. Copy the firmware to your firmware directory

   sh# sudo make firmware_install

3. If you don't have another recording card (like onboard cards) in your PC,
   you have to load the alsa modules:

   sh# sudo modprobe snd-pcm snd-rawmidi

4. Load the marc8-linux-driver
   sh# sudo insmod snd-marc_series.ko

Thorsten Edelhaeusser