#481 Monitors cause more wakeups than necessary

lxpanel (198)

As LXDE is a common netbook environment, the number of wakeups and CPU usage by the UI should me minimal. Adding more monitors (CPU, memory, temperature) causes successively more wakeups which in itself shouldn't be necessary. If however it is difficult to implement one redraw for all monitors with one wakeup, then the update frequency should be different or user-configurable. For example I don't need my temperature to be updated every second, every ten seconds would be more than enough. For the CPU usage it's a different story. RAM IMHO lies somewhere in between. Views on this may vary but adding a field to make this configurable would make everyone happy though.

I filed this as a bug instead of a feature request as the unnecessary wakeups drain the battery. I hope this is ok.

In any case thanks a lot to the devs for a great environment that in general is very easy on my ressources.