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CREDITS.txt 2009-06-30 bullet-famas [r1556]
Game.exe 2009-06-02 bullet-famas [r1448]
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Game.rvproj 2008-10-06 bullet-famas [r1] first revision! let's start man!
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phonon4.dll 2009-06-28 bullet-famas [r1545]

Read Me

About the game:
Lodestone2d is a 2-dimensional RPG centered around the premise of a hero trying to return home to his love.

If you download the sources of the game through SVN, please remember to first install RPG Maker VX RTP.
It is a free download and it includes the main components of the VX engine. You can get it from the official
website: http://www.rpgmaker-vx.com .
You must also have installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable:

To edit source code of the game, you will need an RPG Maker VX license, or download the trial version for
free, always at http://www.rpgmaker-vx.com.

Official Lodestone2d Website: http://lodestone2d.sourceforge.net

System Requirements:

CPU: A modern CPU, the faster the better.
     At least a 2.0GHZ clocked speed CPU is highly recommended if you don't want to experience lag.

RAM: at least 512MB. It is suggested to have 1GB for better experience.

Sound Card: any sound card fully working with your Operating System, including MIDI output.

Operating System: Windows XP or Windows Vista. Doesn't matter if 32Bit or 64Bit.
									It is also possible to run the game under Linux with WINE,
									however this isn't guaranteed and there might be performance regressions.

Final Notes:
It is highly suggested to run the game while no other intensive softwares are running.
Closing your media player and web browser before playing are good things to do.