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LNG 0.20 released !

I'd like to announce the release of
LUnix Next Gerneration Version 0.20 !

The news in short:
IEC bus via 64net/2 support
popclient application
True, false, touch command
support for relocatable file format .o65
IDE64 RTC handler
... and many bug fixes

have fun

Posted by Daniel Dallmann 2001-12-27

POP3 client for LUnix

I'm glad to announce the availability of a POP3 client for LUnix.
I've just committed the sources after successfully running the first
"real life" test:

- connect to my Linux-box using PPP @ 9600 baud with a
UART serial interface (fifo64)
- download the popclient binary with ftp
- run popclient, connect to my linux-box (QPOP version 2.53)
- retrieve the list of emails in the folder
- read one of the eMails "online"
- download one of the emails to the floppy

Posted by Daniel Dallmann 2001-11-18

LNG0.19 released

After a very very .... very long time 0.19 is
finally here! (Could have been earlier, since
there haven't been much changes in the last months)

Posted by Daniel Dallmann 2001-04-11

LNG Webserver

i've just implemented an experimental webserver for LNG. It serves all files in the filesystem and knows mimetypes for *.html *.gif *.jpeg and *.txt

Posted by Daniel Dallmann 2000-11-01

LNG 0.18 released

Posted by Daniel Dallmann 2000-09-25

LNG moved to SourceForge

Posted by Daniel Dallmann 2000-09-13