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File Date Author Commit
archive 2006-05-03 troyhebe [r1264] cleaning up after cvs import
branches 2010-05-26 holzheu [r1501] lcrash: Fix per_cpu access for 2.6.34
tags 2006-05-03 troyhebe [r1272] tagging 8.0.0_rc4
trunk 2010-05-26 holzheu [r1502] lcrash: Fix per_cpu access for 2.6.34
utils 2007-05-31 troyhebe [r1377] updating bucnho
README 2009-02-13 holzheu [r1453] Remove whitespace.

Read Me

Welcome to the LKCD subversion archive.

If you are a user looking to use LKCD to do crash dumps you should check out the
downloads section on our SourceForge site for released/stable versions.

The LKCD subversion archive is structured in the following manner:

		contains the entire CVS tree prior to Tue, 19 Oct 2004.

		contains individual branch points for LKCD
		contains tags that identify a version at a specific point in
		time. *NO WORK SHOULD BE DONE HERE* If you need to touch a
		specific version, copy it to a branch and work on it there.

		contains miscellaneous utilities, including buncho.  Buncho is a
		utility designed to crash a Linux system in a variety of ways.
		It is primarily useful to LKCD developers to test their code in
		wide variety of situations such as PANIC with some CPUs hung
		spinning and interrupts disabled, etc.

		contains the latest version of lkcdutils and the most recently
		generated LKCD patches for specific kernels.

LKCD kernel patches will be included in the tree periodically. However, the main
location for the latest version is a git repository used to track Linus's tree. It's located at: