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README 2006-09-28 iswm [r2] Added basic direct command support
linxt 2006-10-03 iswm [r4] Fixes bad free mem bug.

Read Me

LiNXT should be pretty straight forward. Usage is as follows:
	linxt <option> [file]
	-h,--help	Displays help menu.
	-b,--battery	Displays battery level.
	-m,--motor 	<a|b|c|all|stop> Turns specified motor at power specified with -p.
	-p,--power 	<-100 - 100> Used in conjuction with -m. If no power is
			specified it will default to 65.
	-d,--download	<filename|all> Downloads file from brick.
			If "all" is specified, all files are downloaded.
	-i,--info	Displays device information.
	-l,--list	Lists all files on the brick.
	-u,--upload     <filename> Uploads file to the brick.
	-s,--setname    <name> Sets the name of the brick.
	-d,--debug	Debug level. Repeat to increase.

Keep in mind, in order to use LiNXT you must have Device::USB installed, 
and you must run LiNXT as root.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at
bslote@gmail.com or visit us at #nxthacks on irc.freenode.net

* None

This project is released under the
Perl Artsitic License