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Getting the sources

libwps sources are stored in git. To get them, you can use:

git clone git:// libwps

or you can browse the code ( ).

Building it


You will need these applications in order to compile libmwaw:

Once the source has been checked out, libwps can be built in usual manner:

cd libwps
make install

Finally, if you want also to create ODF documents, you need:


Once you have done a change that you are happy with, and that builds with libmwaw, contribute it back, we'll be happy to integrate it! All you need to do is to send us a patch. The followning commands will commit the changes to your local repository and create one or more patch files. You can send these as a ticket( ).

git commit -a
git format-patch origin/master


You can get in touch with us:

Project Admins: