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  • Committed [2d183e]

    MSWrite: Implemented various changes to make co...

  • Committed [ad5cc4]

    all: move WPSListener::appendUnicode in libwps:...

  • Committed [9c97c1]

    WPSFont: store the font name as librevenge::RVN...

  • Committed [6eddd3]

    MSWrite: store font's name as librevenge::RVNGS...

  • Committed [a82c3a]

    WPSContentListener: be a little less strict whe...

  • Committed [28e327]

    Add MsWrite.{h,cpp} in build/win32/libwps.*

  • Committed [b7566b]

    Begin to create a parser for MSWrite file...

  • Committed [59d31d]

    Bump version numbers...

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2009-06-12 09:15:14


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  • Project Logo libe-book Library for import of reflowable e-book formats. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo libepubgen An EPUB generator library for librevenge. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo libmwaw Import library for some old mac text documents Last Updated:


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