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Read Me


There is a quick start guide on the wiki: Quick Guide for New Users

Is this the Galago from the Text Book I have?

No, that version is older and preserved here:


Galago is distributed under the BSD license. See the LICENSE file for details.
For more information about Galago, check out the sourceforge wiki.

From source or binary

If you have downloaded the source, see BUILD for information on how to build and run the code. If you downloaded the binary version, use these commands to get started:

    Unix: ./bin/galago help
    Windows: .\bin\galago.bat help

Project Layout

The main Java projects are:

  • core
  • The Galago structured search engine code
  • tupleflow
  • TupleFlow, Galago's distributed computation framework
  • tupleflow-typebuilder
  • TypeBuilder, a code generator for producing serializable, hashable and comparable types that TupleFlow can use

Library Thanks

Galago makes use of some great open-source code, among others:


Websites and other contact information: