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Lembraco "not even an alpha" release!

Lembraco development has been continued with a “Not Even An Alpha Release”.

Lembraco is a graphical editor that assigns graphical elements properties such as scale, position, etc... to incoming midi messages. The user selects the midi messages s/he wants the program to listen to and assign them as an input variable to the graphical engine.

Lembraco is known to compile on Win32, Linux and MacOS X (10.5) platforms.... read more

Posted by no3z 2009-12-30

Lembraco, midi to 3D

Lembraco has just being uploaded to source forge. A concept program has been made available just for people to see what Lembraco is all about. Development has just started, but as I learn C++ a lot of problems and issues arise while coding, so developers interested in this project are more than appreciated. There will be a repository in the source forge SVN for anybody wishing to help.

Posted by no3z 2007-07-19