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#1 Simplified Tutorial


LedgerSMB appears to lack a well done tutorial on how to use the interface. A recent customer of my SOHO computer and consulting business (we sell and install preloaded PCs running Linux, FreeBSD, etcetera for home use and SMB market) tried LedgerSMB and had serious problems figuring it out since he is not an accountant or bookkeeper. As a result he is seriously considering moving to Microsoft Windows and Intuit Quickbooks because his accountant suggested it is "easier" and has "good tutorials".

I respectfully request that such a tutorial or tutorials be created for LedgerSMB. Specifically, tutorials to cover what each field and each button does and *why* they do what they do with examples included. This could be done one "module" at a time in PDF format so that each module in LedgerSMB has a tutorial. If needed the tutorials could include cross-references to one another to clarify specific points (example: where in General Ledger one would find information posted in Accounts Payable and so on).

Thank you.


  • Chris Travers
    Chris Travers

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    One of the difficulties inherent in a piece of business software like LedgerSMB is that it does a lot, and different customers need to understand different aspects of the software. For example, a construction contractor will want to know about projects and timecards, a retail business will need more information on point of sale things, etc. WHile the current manual covers a lot of things, it does not do them in any great depth.

    I see a couple of possibilities:
    1) A collection of tutorials for various modules (AR Tutorial, AP Tutorial, GL tutorial, etc) and
    2) A collection of tutorials for various vertical markets.

    Either way, I think this is a great opportunity for community involvement. If there are specific questions, however, if you can file them under a different tracker, we can get those answered in the current documentation.