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#KwaMoja IRC channel is launched

We are pleased to announce that our Freenode IRC channel is now finally online. Please drop by for a chat, or to ask any questions at anytime.

Just point your IRC client to the Freenode network, and join the #KwaMoja channel. If nobody is around to help you when you join, just leave a message and someone will be there as soon as possible to help, but even we have to sleep!!

Fahad Hatib

Posted by Fahad Hatib 2013-05-30

KwaMoja now has a plugin architecture for third party addons

I have just pulled the plugin architecture branch of KwaMoja into the main develop branch. This means that KwaMoja now has the facility to use third party plugins for specific tasks.

These plugins can be open source, or they can be proprietary, and sold by the developers.

The KwaMoja project will run a service of approving plugins to ensure that they are not going to damage your system. This will be free of charge for GPL plugins, abut there will be an admin fee for commercial plugins. Plugins that have not been approved can still be installed, they will just carry a warning.... read more

Posted by Munir Patel 2013-05-04

Victory for truth, common decency, and common sense

Phil Daintree has finally been forced to take down his hate page that he had put up on the domain name he hijacked from ourselves at

This shows that no matter who you think you are, you must still abide by the law. Posting lies about other people on the web is just wrong, and unacceptable.

I would like to suggest that as a way to start making up for his sins Phil puts a redirect on to our site at read more

Posted by Munir Patel 2013-04-19 Labels: kwamoja daintree

KwaMoja manual released in multiple formats.

I have taken advantage of my enforced exile to convert the KwaMoja manual into several different formats for offline reading, not just while you are logged into a KwaMoja instance.

There are now html, pdf, epub and mobi formats of the manual and they can all be found at our download page at

If anybody has another format they would like (and its possible to convert) then just let me know and I will do my best to get it done.... read more

Posted by Fahad Hatib 2013-02-27 Labels: KwaMoja Manual Documentation

Lies Damn Lies and Phil Daintree

Recently Phil Daintree from the webERP project started an email discussion with me and during this discussion I asked him why if he was so in favour of forks he had taken our project domain name ( and was using it as part of his personal vendetta against Tim Schofield. As he seemed to be behaving in a reasonable manner I had hoped that he would come back with some statement such as "sorry about that I was being a bit silly I will take the page down and set a redirect to the official KwaMoja site. Therefore I was quite shocked to get his reply which I reprint in full with his permission below. Phil's email is in italics and my comments are in normal type.... read more

Posted by Fahad Hatib 2013-02-23 Labels: weberp KwaMoja Daintree

KwaMoja demo attacked

In the early hours of 6/2/2013 my time (GMT +3) someone with an in depth knowledge of KwaMoja/webERP decided to spend several hours trying to cripple the KwaMoja demo at

This demo was deliberately given system administrator privileges so that people could test for themselves the full functionality of KwaMoja. However in the light of this sabotage we have had to remove some of the security functionality from the demo.... read more

Posted by Munir Patel 2013-02-06

Version 4.10.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 4.10.1 of KwaMoja, which fixes a bug in the javascript stopping the date picker working correctly

Posted by Munir Patel 2013-01-25

Out of Africa comes KwaMoja, A fresh start for webERP. Version 4.10 is released

Kwamoja is the first open source ERP designed around the needs of African organisations and aims to create a free and open community to encourage more participation in the future direction and development of the project.
The first release is out today and is largely based on the release 4.09.1
version of webERP and provides full compatibility for any webERP users wishing to upgrade.
Kwamoja contains numerous security and bug fixes from this version of webERP, plus a few new features such as the ability to directly print html tables from the browser, many updates to the manual, corrections to the themes, the ability of the users to set the screen font size to whatever is
most comfortable for them, the ability to rename account groups plus many other small changes and improvements.... read more

Posted by Munir Patel 2013-01-22

Future now in our hands

We are delighted to announce that we have now been able to purchase the domain name from Tim Schofield, and so we are all set to progress with the project.

Feels good!

Munir Patel

Posted by Munir Patel 2013-01-19

Hypocrisy and Anonymity

Phil Daintree has made an issue of the identity of the person who donated the money to our project to enable us to purchase the domain name after Phil Daintree had sneaked in and purchased This was caused by my writing in this blog and on our web site that "We are very grateful to this benefactor who wishes not to be named here".... read more

Posted by Martha Njeri 2012-12-08 Labels: daintree webERP KwaMoja ERP

Why does point to

Whilst we were trying to raise the funds to purchase our domain and hosting facility the administrator of the webERP project Phil Daintree decided he would use his money to take the domain for himself to prevent us from using it for our project. He then decided to set it to point to his own project. This appears to be his idea of building his project rather than actively developing it and we consider that his behaviour more than justifies our reasons for this fork. Fortunately a donor has stepped in and provided the funds to purchase the domain. We are very grateful to this benefactor who wishes not to be named here. Phil has claimed he was acting on behalf of the developers of webERP but we have yet to meet any who were consulted.... read more

Posted by Martha Njeri 2012-12-01 Labels: KwaMoja ERP webERP daintree

To release or not to release that is the question.

We are now in a position where we have some stable code that could be released. Most of the known bugs in webERP have been fixed in our code. Should we release a version now?

What are the arguments against?

If we release now there will be little differentiation between us and webERP.
Our infrastructure is not yet ready, no web site, wiki, forum, bug tracker etc. So far we haven't raised the money for a domain name.... read more

Posted by Munir Patel 2012-11-27

Why are we doing KwaMoja?

I can imagine a lot of people are wondering why we are doing yet another open source ERP system. So why are we doing it?

WebERP has long been a popular ERP in developing countries as it has low a footprint and fast speed even on old hardware.However webERP has long had management issues, and many arguments on the mailing lists.... read more

Posted by Fahad Hatib 2012-11-24