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Korts 2.01 released

Just choose Download - Default (or press the green
button on the main screen!)

Sorry, we just forgot to add a news item about this
when it happened.

Hopefully the spam and silly comments in the users
list will subside, but if they don't - we'll be
locking it to sourceforge accounts only. We know
most of you don't want to create an account, so
hopefully the recent problems settle down.

Posted by Ehrayn 2007-08-19

Kort's Beta 1.99 ready, shooting for release 2!

In eager anticipation of Kort's 2.00, we present 1.99 for your
review and testing. Let's squish any bugs we can, please give
us -detailed- information about troubles you have.

Did you know there is documentation?


Ok, one document, so far. Are YOU an author? Write up some help
for your fellow spellcrafters or customers, and it will live in
infamy in the kscraft project. You might even become the next
'contributor' to the kscraft project, if you stick around a while.... read more

Posted by Ehrayn 2007-03-31

Beta 1.98 or not? Searching for feedback.

1.98 is available for download, for now, with a list
of all the changes at...


Beta 1.98 includes the 1.87 Crafting Patch changes from Mythic!
The gem qualities are all gone, the expected multiplier
and remakes have become 'Makes' to replace an occasional blow up.

Aside from the many bug fixes, this patch introduces two
major changes to the program - searchable on-line access to
Ethinarg's Item Database and a second pane of item information
to track notes, class restrictions and other item data.

Posted by Ehrayn 2007-03-11

Beta 1.97 - first bugfixes to new spellcrafting

Thanks to all who have tested since 1.96, we solved
the worst bug for you... item renaming now works again.

While we were at it, we've made a bunch of additional
improvements to Export Gems. It won't die anymore looking
for made gems. But we also set the exported items to marked
(but not checked, sort of a shaded box) and update the next
quickbar slot after exporting. This should make it easier
if you want to export your items to craft a few at a time. ... read more

Posted by Ehrayn 2007-01-31

Beta 1.96 - Gem Quality? We don't need no stinkin quality!

Welcome U.S. server testers for the newest BETA of
the new Kort's SC Calculator! It's still possible
we'll discover the program blows up your template
files or items, so please use the BETA only if you
have the patience to help us test.

1.96 brings you all the changes to the game with
the 1.87 crafter-love patch on US servers. Our
European friends should stick with testing 1.93
since Quality still counts on your GOA servers.... read more

Posted by Ehrayn 2007-01-26

Beta 1.93 - Toolbars and Outfits

Please help test out the newest version (and be very careful not to overwrite your favorite templates and items, lest they go 'poof'! This is a *beta*.) Your templates saved from the beta WILL NOT LOAD in older versions or even other programs, yet.

Shout out to other calculator/templator authors; your feedback on the file format changes is welcome.

Big changes include multiple outfits per template, and almost every pre-1.87
change. We need people to try to break this, and send us their broken Spellcraft.exe.log files so we can see the errors if you can find one.... read more

Posted by Ehrayn 2007-01-19

Beta 1.92 - kscraft grows horns

Maulers and Taurs, take heed! The first try at your skills and racials
are here! But stay tuned, we expect things will still be changing, so
watch this post and expect another beta shortly after new LOTM patches
roll out.

Leladia Template support is dropped for good! If you have any old template
files from Leladia's calculator, open and save them from your older version
of Kort's BEFORE you upgrade, then you can load them in the new versions.... read more

Posted by Ehrayn 2006-11-04

Beta 1.91 ... feedback please!

Just as in 1.90 - please use all caution and don't
replace your favorite template files or items, since
things can and will keep changing and you might not
be able to use those files or the program might wipe
out your favorites.

1.91 fixes the Save Items, it even adds a new file
menu option to point at your items directory, and
will bring up a save item file dialog box that you
can change the name for same-named items with many
different flavors.... read more

Posted by Ehrayn 2006-10-19

Beta 1.90 is here! Use with some caution...

We know you are all very anxious to begin filling in the new crafted item
bonuses into your templates. It's here!

This version, 1.90 is leading to the new 2.0 version. Please consider
this version experimental for now, do not overwrite your old template
or item files that are important to you! With the substantial changes
listed below, please expect some bugs and report them to the project
at http://sourceforge.net/projects/kscraft and click on 'Bugs'.... read more

Posted by Ehrayn 2006-10-08

A new release to tide you over

This is a quick-release for a major bug fix - the controls to change pieces (the tabs) and the drop down/editable list controls would both toggle their current selection with only the tab key. This was horrid because Alt-Tabbing between the Calculator and back could -change- the template you were working on. /cry

We've added a few more minor fixes, a new splash screen, see the change log for details, and look forward to sharing the next version ready for 1.84's crafting changes when 1.84 is finished!

Posted by Ehrayn 2006-06-09

It's here! 1.44 is baked, on to Mythics crafter love patch

In anticipation of 1.84, we know we have alot to do
to keep you all happy. So here is the last version
that will be released for the current DAoC - it has
a number of bug fixes so please read the notes here;


And grab the Windows installer from here;

http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/kscraft/kscraft-setup-1.44.msi?download... read more

Posted by Ehrayn 2006-05-22

Sources migrated to Subversion

The CVS repository of kscraft project sources is now deceased, dead, abandoned, usurped.

The new location, if you wish to check out the bleeding edge of the Calculator's source files, is;


Hopefully the good news corresponds to a release, soonish!

Posted by Ehrayn 2006-05-14

Lots of bugs fixed (quite a few remain)

1.43.0011 is here, but be warned, it hasn't been
tested much and has some pretty radical surgery to
fix various bugs and quirks. Hope we are getting
close to the first general release(!) so please help
by posting your comments in the Users Forum.

Updated 11/28/05 - Version 1.43.0011 (dev)

Moved 'Distance To Cap' to the Options window, save user's preference.

Remember the preference for Options - Include Done in Material list,
and Options - Coop/PvP server items check boxes.... read more

Posted by Ehrayn 2005-11-29

Boo! Go test the treat...

1.43.0008 (1.42 and all patches) is all done.

It's a big change, and we know one bug ... if you flip back and forth between the same tabs on two different bars, the item won't change. Working on that. Otherwise, using the two bars turned out to be much quicker!

I'm haunted by fighting with VisStudio 2003, and getting together a GPL build of Qt/QScintilla/SIP/PyQt/Psyco/Py2Exe all on top of the standard ActiveState Python 2.4.1 build, last weekend. I'll have nightmares throughout November.... read more

Posted by Ehrayn 2005-11-01

Found a bug?

Would you like to help us by fixing it? Even if you are
not a programmer, you can probably follow along with
this file


which happens to contain most 'magic numbers' used
by the calculator! If the number is correct, it's probably
already 'fixed' for the coming release, or you can grab
the most recent release if yours was old.... read more

Posted by Ehrayn 2005-10-19

The news from August (in Sept?!?)

Kort's rolled out a new 1.0.7a based full installer, in the downloads section, for you to enjoy.

Note this is with a new Qt/PyQt library. Some folks have mentioned it's slower; I'm digging into this by catching up with him, working through how to install the kde-free's port of Qt to Win32.

Now we are jumping into some new features, and fixing those ornary bugs, like the chestpiece issue. Wish us well :)

Posted by Ehrayn 2005-09-10

The news from July

Yup, we are finally here and catching up... the original Kort's 1.42 and Ehrayn's patches are all committed to CVS.

Hopefully now it's time for some more speed ups, bug fixes, and we are kicking back and forth ideas.

If you have some idea of how to program in Python, we would love to hear from you!

Posted by Ehrayn 2005-08-27