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Read Me

Khepera III Toolbox

Welcome to the Khepera III Toolbox!

This README file contains only a few pointers and quick start information. The
official documentation of this toolbox is available online as wikibook:
This documentation also includes installation guidelines, a short introduction
for new users and a lot of examples.

For a very quick start, here is how you have to set your environment variables
in order to use the toolbox:
	export K3_ROOT=/path/to/the/khepera3toolbox
	export PATH=$PATH:$K3_ROOT/Scripts

Enjoy working with the Khepera III robot!

Main developer (and contact for bug reports, comments and feature requests):
	Thomas Lochmatter,

Valuable help came from:
	Iñaki Navarro
	Jim Pugh
	Gilles Caprari (K-Team SA)
	Frederic Lambercy (K-Team SA)
	Sven Gowal
	Michael Karlen
	Bob Andries
	Guillermo Fernandez Rodriguez
	Pierre-François Laquerre