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KBarcode 2.0.7 released

This maintenance release fixes bugs that prevent using KBarcode on recent distributions.
For this reason, workarounds for bugs in Qt 3.3.2 and earlier have been removed, therefore those versions are no longer supported.
The source package was tested on Mandriva One 2008.1 and Ubuntu 8.04, among others.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

Please report any bugs or feature requests to our mailing list: kbarcode-users@lists.sourceforge.net

Posted by Zsolt Váradi 2008-05-25

KBarcode 2.0.5 released

KBarcode 2.0.5[1] brings many bug fixes and a greatly improved data import

TBarcode2[2] detection was fixed in this release along with checksum for
TBarcode2. A major bug in printing address labels from the KDE addressbook was
fixed. A new version of Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript[3] was added to this
release, which brings several new barcode types to KBarcode. Importing data is
now possible from fixed format files, too. The import wizard was optimized to
work on really large data files.... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2006-11-07

KBarcode 2.0.4 released

KBarcode 2.0.4 features an updated French translation and fixes alignment bugs in the label editor as well as database access problems under certain circumstances.

See http://www.kbarcode.net for more information.

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2006-07-21

KBarcode 2.0.0 release

March 16, 2006 (The INTERNET). The KBarcode Team is proud to announce the availability of the stable release 2.0.0 yof KBarcode, the leading label printing and barcoding solution for KDE.

Almost two years of development were put into the second generation of KBarcode to make it more stable, more powerful and easier to use.

Notable changes include:
- Several data sources can be used to print labels:
~ KBarcodes SQL tables
~ Custom SQL queries
~ CSV files
~ The KDE addressbook
- More supported barcode symbologies thanks to the included barcode backend "Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript".
- JavaScript support (for barcode values, text fields and visibility of components)
- Batch printing is now configured through a wizard interface making it a totally simple task
- Images can be loaded from a path constructed from an expression
- Completely rewritten KBarcode Handbook in PDF form ... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2006-03-15

KBarcode 2.0.0rc2 released

KBarcode 2.0.2 Release Candidate 2 was released today.

This release fixes saving barcodes to images, the --print commandline option, a crash in the label editor (thanks to Simon Munton) and the import or articles into batch printing mode. The build time dependancy on GNU Barcode was removed and the version of Barcode Writer in Pure Postrscript was upgraded.

Please report any problems you find to our mailing list.... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2006-03-11

KBarcode 1.9.9 released

KBarcode 1.9.9 includes finally complete KDE addressbook support. Printing address labels was never so easy. The KDE addressbook can now be used as data source for batch printing. All addressbook fields are available as variables in KBarcode. The CSV to SQL import was fixed as well importing CSV files containing the separator character in a quoted area. Additionally it is now possible to specify the encoding of CSV data. ... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2006-01-01

KBarcode 1.7.3 Development Release

This release fixes many compiling problems, including compilation using the --enable final configure flag. Also the UPC A generation bug was fixed. CSV import works now even if the line does not end with the separator (as it is the case with OO.org's CSV files). Barcode sizes on screen and printer are now the same. Thanks to Benedykt P. Barszcz, a Polish translation was added.


Posted by Dominik Seichter 2004-03-28

KBarcode 1.7.2 Development Release

You can download KBarcode 1.7.2 now.

This new development release add's a konqueror file plugin to the source tree. Many bugs were fixes. For example, importing CSV files into Postgres tables does work now. The UI of the batch printing dialog was improved, too. KBarcode uses less tempfiles than in previous versions which results in more speed on some operations.

Please report all problems you have with this release.... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2004-01-21

KBarcode 1.7.1 Development Release

KBarcode 1.7.1 comes with lot's of bug fixes. Printing, which was broken in 1.7.0 is now working again. Thanks to patches by Dag Nygren, KBarcode got powerful serial indexing support. The grid in the label editor is finally working correctly and the DCOP interface got improved.


Posted by Dominik Seichter 2004-01-10

KBarcode 1.6.1 stable released

A new stable bugfix release of KBarcode is available for download now at: http://www.kbarcode.net/12.0.html .

Upgrading to this release is recommended as it contains important bug fixes. Most importantly, label definitions are not rounded anymore when read from the SQL tables. You can now use labels with a height of 12.7mm without problems. KBarcode will update your SQL tables automatically without any loss of data. You might have to import the label definitions again though (Settings -> Import Label Defintions).

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2004-01-06

KBarcode 1.6.0 Stable Released

The KBarcode Team is proud to announce that KBarcode 1.6.0 is available for download. KBarcode is the leading, free barcode and label printing solution for KDE and Unix/Linux workstations. The stable 1.6.0 release can be downloaded as source tarball, source rpm and several binary rpms (more to come).

KBarcode finally supports PostgreSQL and SQLite as database backends, additionally to MySQL. Importing data into your SQL tables got easier, too. Thanks to a new import wizard, which reads CSV files. The import wizard
is also available as a separate application called KESI (see
http://kesi.sf.net\). ... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-12-22

KBarcode 1.5.4 Development Release

A new development release of the leading barcode software for Linux and KDE, KBarcode has been released today.

This releases introduces experimental IPL support and ZPL support has been improved. This release has also finally antialiased fonts on printouts, thanks to a completly from scratch written rich text engine. A few bugs were fixed and the API documentation extended to cover more classes. The configuration wizard got simplified and the German translation was updated.... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-10-30

KBarcode 1.5.3 Development Release

Another development release of KBarcode can be downloaded from out webpage http://www.kbarcode.net . This release fixes a crash, some database bugs, dynamic database fields in the label editor and introduces experimental support of Zebra printers.

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-10-19

KBarcode 1.5.2 Development Release

We released KBarcode 1.5.2 today. You can download it from our webpage http://www.kbarcode.net . This release has many database fixes, copy and paste works now and some speed improvements were made.
Please test this release extensively and give us feedback.

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-10-10

KBarcode 1.5.1 release

Get the new development release of KBarcode from http://www.kbarcode.net . This release contains many new features and feels very stable. Changes:
Added PostgreSQL and SQLite support (ODBC should work, too)
Added 1200dpi printing mode
Added escape sequences support for TBarcode
Added text above barcode support for TBarcode
Added check digit support for TBarcode
Added API Documentation
Added support for barcode sequences (serial indexing)
Added [resolution], [index] and [page] keywords
Added advanced settings for every barcode
Added multi selection support to the label editor
Fixed placement of new items in the labeleditor
Fixed preview in the labeleditor (index can now be set, too)
Labeleditor shows datafields dynamically
Removed 72dpi printing
Improved SQL table structure
...and many more fixes

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-10-05

KBarcode 1.5.0 Development Release

We released the first development release of the KBarcode 1.5.x series today. The 1.5.x releases will lead to a stable version 1.6.0 in the future.

This release has many new features. Most notable is the support for TBarcode (see http://www.tec-it.com/linux ) as barcode rendering backend. With TBarcode installed, KBarcode supports allmost every important 1D and 2D
barcode. KBarcode got also a barcode harddisk cache. The result is a greatly improved speed of barcode generation. Importing data into your SQL database is getting easier, too. With KBarcode's new CSV file import wizard, it is easy as never before. PDF417 settings, like error correction, can be configure now, the preview page
size can be set to any paper format (not only A4) and many other improvements and fixes went into this release.... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-09-01

KBarcode 1.4.0 stable released

The leading label printing and barcode solution for KDE, KBarcode, was released as stable version 1.4.0 today.

KBarcode is a barcode and label printing application for KDE 3. It can be used to print every thing from simple business cards up to complex labels with
several barcodes (e.g. article descriptions). Please have a look on our examples:

This release fixes many bugs and dramatically improves KBarcodes stability. Printing speed got increased as well. The label editor supports some new drawing primitives such lines, rectangles and ellipses and comes with over
1700 predefined labels. Additionally to the 13 barcode formats supported already in the last versions, KBarcode comes now with PDF417 2D barcode support. Countless other fixes and improvements were made.... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2003-08-12