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File Date Author Commit
engine 2012-11-16 kennethlaskoski [r85] cosmetics
lib 2013-01-13 kennethlaskoski [r93] synch with ooid
INSTALL 2012-11-19 kennethlaskoski [r87] default to compile with debug symbols
LICENSE_1_0.txt 2009-08-19 kennethlaskoski [r63] Synchronize with ooid.
README 2009-08-28 kennethlaskoski [r69] Optimized uuid random generation.
driver.cpp 2012-11-19 kennethlaskoski [r88] added #includes to fix linux compile issues
driver.h 2012-11-19 kennethlaskoski [r86] driver refactoring
main.cpp 2012-11-16 kennethlaskoski [r85] cosmetics

Read Me

This is the Kashmir Library.

The Kashmir Library is intended to provide functionality needed in many software
projects, but not present in the C++ standard library.

Languages like Java or C# come along with a ready-to-use collection of code that
take care of boilerplate work. Our goal is to provide similar code in C++.

We provide the source code, you can adapt it to any particular need.