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benchmark 2008-03-29 ebengtso [r2136] Initial import. (upgrade to hibernate 3.x)
documentation 2008-08-03 andy_jefferson [r2469] Remove LDAP - never released for JPOX
platform 2008-07-30 andy_jefferson [r2466] Backport of instanceof fix for DataNucleus with...
samples 2008-05-16 andy_jefferson [r2430] ignore bin
tools 2008-07-22 andy_jefferson [r2462] 1.2.3 release
LICENSE.txt 2008-02-18 andy_jefferson [r1529] Updated date
README 2007-11-23 andy_jefferson [r252] Key files for all releases
ReleaseProcess.txt 2007-12-11 andy_jefferson [r681] Outline of release/branch process with SVN

Read Me

Java Persistent Objects (JPOX)
JPOX provides transparent persistence of Java objects to heterogenous datastores.
JPOX supports persistence to RDBMS databases, DB4O datastores, creation of schemas, as well as use of existing schemas.
JPOX is Open Source, meaning that the source code is available for download. Use of JPOX and its source code is governed by the included LICENSE.txt.
Please refer to for the latest news and functionality of JPOX.

We hope you enjoy using this software.
The JPOX Team