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5.6 is up and running

After the SignLive Release of last month, here's the corresponding OpenSource release for jPod.

Posted by mtraut 2013-12-03


After nearly a year without official release (our apologizes...) we now found the time publish the latest version 5.2, base implementation for the current 5.2 CABAReT product line.

We hope we can offer you a real improvement with this release. More details can be found in the release_notes document.

Posted by mtraut 2009-11-02

5.0 final release

Just in time for xmas we have managed the final 5.0 release. Please, give feedback!

Posted by mtraut 2008-12-18

jPod 4.3.1 release

This is a maintenance release. Please see the release notes for changes and fixes.

Posted by Waldemar Dick 2008-01-17

jPod 4.3.0 release

We finally made it. Please share your experience with us...

Posted by mtraut 2007-11-06

RC2 available

With RC2 improvements are made to the documentation and the API is reviewed for consistency. Some packages are added to the distribution after beeing reviewed and documented.

The final release is to be expected in october.

Posted by mtraut 2007-10-08

initial release

with 4.3 RC1 we present the initial public source release of jPod, a multi purpose PDF manipulation and rendering library.

Posted by mtraut 2007-08-22