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1.8a and 1.7e released

jMIPS packages for 1.8a (experimental) and 1.7e (stable) have been uploaded to sourceforge. 1.7e contains some documentation tweaks. 1.8a contains the full set of documentation/translations from the Wiki as well as two new CPU models.

Posted by Peter T. Breuer 2012-04-01

1.7d released.

This release contains the GUI for running the predefined CPU models back-ported from the experimental tree. Minor infrastructure changes accompany it. Documentation has been updated slightly where required. Any packaging errors will get sorted out (silently) over the next few days.

Posted by Peter T. Breuer 2012-03-04

1.7c released

Finally packaged 1.7c properly, after a couple of stutters over the last couple of days .. a couple of symbolic links got left as metafiles, then an old Makefile went in, and so on. Hopefully all the shenanigans are over. This is essentially a "better documentation" release, with html adapted from the wiki docs, and pointers back to the translations, FAQs and HOWTOs on the web.

Posted by Peter T. Breuer 2012-02-23

Newsy stuff and new stuff

JMIPS wiki now has translation pages for French and Polish. Your help is wanted by the page leads in helping with further translations there. In particular, integrating graphics from the html documentation could be a chore that many hands would make light work of and which doesn't require those particular language skills.

Wiki pages for the TODO list, HOWTOs, FAQs and Miscellaneous stuff are also up and somewhat populated. The "Diary HOWTO" needs more contributions.... read more

Posted by Peter T. Breuer 2012-02-12

Ideas for "diary" implementation wanted

We need ideas for how to implement a project-wide diary of what's doing.

Posted by Peter T. Breuer 2012-02-01