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Read Me

jMetal Development Site

jMetal is an object-oriented Java-based framework for multi-objective optimization with metaheuristics

The current jMetal development version is hosted in this repository; this way, interested users can take a look to
the new incoming features in advance.

After eight years since the first release of jMetal, we have decided it's time to make a deep redesign of the
software. Some of the ideas we are elaborating are:

  • Architecture redesign to provide a simpler design while keeping the same functionality.
  • Improve code quality:
  • Application of unit testing
  • Better use of Java features (e.g, generics)
  • Design patterns
  • Application of clean code guidelines - “Clean code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship" (Robert C. Martin)
  • Algorithm templates
  • Parallelism support
  • Algorithm measures
  • Maven is used as the tool for development, testing, packaging and deployment.

If you are interested in contributing with your ideas and comments, please take a look the current discussions in the Issues section.

##Components The current development version provides: * Algorithms: NSGA-II, NSGA-III (to be tested), SMPSO, GDE3, IBEA, MOEA/D (variants: MOEA/D-DE, MOEA/D-DRA, Constrained MOEA/D), SPEA2, PESA2, AbYSS, MOCell, RandomSearch, SMS-EMOA * Encodings: Binary, Real, Integer, Permutation, Integer+Double * Crossover operators: SBXCrossover, SinglePointCrossover, DifferentialEvolutionCrossover, IntegerSBXCrossover, BLXAlphaCrossover, HUXCrossover * Mutation operators: PolynomialMutation, SingleRandomMutation, BitFlipMutation, IntegerPolynomialMutation, UniformMutation, NonUniformMutation * Selection operators: BinaryTournamentSelection, DifferentialEvolutionSelection, RankingAndCrowdingSelection, NaryTournamentSelection * Problems: Fonseca, Kursawe, Schaffer, Srinivas, OneZeroMax, NMMin, NMIN2, ZDT benchrmark, DTLZ benchmark, WFG benchmark, LZ09 benchmark, multiobjective TSP * Qualitity indicators: Epsilon, Hypervolume, error ratio, spread, generalized spread, generational distance, inverted generational distance, set coverage.
##jMetal is available as a Maven Project in The Central Repository The link to the modules is: ##jMetal user manual The user manual is hosted in ####Code coverage (25th January 2015) |Class % |Method %| Line % | |--------|--------|--------| |17,8% (48/ 270) | 16,8% (243/ 1443) | 13,4% (1199/ 8975)