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Read Me

What can you do with this application?
Requirements engineering is a two-fold task. Writing down an application flow you're already know (= having the whole flow in your head, just "print it") is completely different from the task of _creating_ an application flow. The latter means that don't know anything about the flow so you need to explore it step by step by permutation. This tool was build around this task. It let you use your "slow thinking" which leads to better results. Slower - but better!
1) Explore all possible combinations of conditions and actions by question-and-answer
2) Don't forget a combination conditions and actions
3) Abandoned combinations are still documented
4) Easy mathematics to find any incomplete or inconsistent decision table
5) Get a set of valid rules which are your test cases
Scrum: Get clear, doable and testable requirements to pin at your product backlog.
There is a lot of documentation and examples! Please go to to enjoy!

Java version: The entire software is build using Java 7.

Microsoft® .NET®: NEW!!! Since version 1.1.2 there is a binary for Microsoft® .NET® 4.0 available! It was compiled and tested using Microsoft® Windows7® and IKVM ( version 7.2.4630.5 ( Please see file What_is_in_the_zip.txt how to run JDecisiontable for Microsoft® .NET®!

You may visit for updates and there is a blog too.

The Help files for this project are located in the folder Help. Examples are located in the folder Examples.

This project, excluded third party works, is licensed under the MIT licence. For details see LICENSE.txt.
Licences of software from third parties, included in this software, are kept in the file THIRD_PARTY_LICENSES.txt.

Known problems
 1. If you're just start typing in column "Description" there is no cursor. Work around by pressing F2 key when you marked the cell you wish to edit.

Microsoft® Windows® related
(These problems both versions of JDecisiontable, JDecisiontable for Microsoft® .NET® and JDecisiontable for Java®.)

 1. The linefeed for CSV files is always LF (decimal 10, hexadecimal 0x0a) regardless of operation system. This is correct for all Un*x Systems like Linux, *BSD, Mac OS and so on, but not for Microsoft® Windows® where CR LF (decimal 13 10, hexadecimal 0x0d 0x0a) is expected. But every spread sheet application should import it correct. I don't own a copy of Microsoft® Excel® (because I would need an expensive license for companies) so I can not proof. I will do further research for this point.

Microsoft® .NET® related
 1. One time I got a crash when filling a new decision table with data and hereafter saving it first time. Since creating a new decision table, then save it (before filling in data) and hereafter fill in data worked always for me I recommend you to do so. Please save your data often. Use Ctrl + s, this is faster and works.

 2. Shortcut Ctrl-# does not work. Please use Ctrl-t instead.

 3. Entering "don't care"-decisions by typing "-" does not work. Please type "d" instead.

Product Roadmap
Version 2.1
 1. When exporting to CSV (decision table or test specification) no file type is provided in the Save File dialog.

 - Update screen-shots in documentation

 - Update documentation regarding new features

 - Testspecification -> export to csv -check: Tell that this is meant for intermediate results; "NOT VALID" (always provided because the dt is never checked using this menu) should give a hint because the dt is not finished yet. Otherwise use " Testspecification -> export to csv +check".

 - Write document about how to use probabilities basing on

 - Write document about this is tested.

Version ?

 - evaluate options for an undo facility

 - open a bunch of files at once using menu Decisiontable -> Open

 - have a menu point "Open -> Recent files" to remember files used recently