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Tree [r36] /

File Date Author Commit
Ver 0.1 2009-06-30 nextclub11 [r4]
Ver2 2009-09-15 nextclub11 [r17] ver2.3
11-10-jctalk.zip 2009-11-16 jchoi [r26] jctalk Ver 11.10.zip
11-11-jctalk.zip 2009-11-17 jchoi [r27] jctalk Ver 11.11.zip
11-12-jctalk.zip 2009-11-19 jchoi [r28] 11-12-jctalk ver
11-13-jctalk.zip 2009-11-20 jchoi [r29] 11-13-jctalk.zip
11-16-jctalk.zip 2009-11-23 jchoi [r30] jctalk -11-16 Ver .zip
11-17-jctalk.zip 2009-11-24 jchoi [r31] 11.17 jctalk. zip
11-19-jctalk.zip 2009-12-01 jchoi [r32] jctalk - 11 19 Ver
11-20-jctalk.zip 2009-12-08 jchoi [r34] 20ver
11-21-jctalk.zip 2009-12-08 jchoi [r35] 21.ver
11-24-jctalk.zip 2009-12-29 odu87 [r36]
GUI.zip 2009-09-02 nextclub11 [r14] GUI (TV리모콘, 전등)
JcTalk-uml(v1).vsd 2009-07-20 nextclub11 [r11] JcTalk-UML
jctalkbat.alz 2009-12-01 jchoi [r33] Start File 11 Ver
messenger10.10Ver.zip 2009-11-03 jchoi [r22] messenger 10.10Ver.zip
messenger10.12Ver.zip 2009-11-05 jchoi [r23] messenger 10.12Ver.zip
messenger10.22Ver.zip 2009-11-09 jchoi [r24] messenger 10.22Ver.zip
messenger10.26Ver.zip 2009-11-14 jchoi [r25] messenger 10.26Ver.zip
messenger10.2Ver.zip 2009-10-23 jchoi [r18] Messenger 10.2 Ver
messenger10.4Ver.zip 2009-10-26 jchoi [r19] messenger 10.4Ver.zip
messenger10.6Ver.zip 2009-10-29 jchoi [r20] messenger 10.4Ver.zip
messenger10.8Ver.zip 2009-11-01 jchoi [r21] messenger 10.8Ver.zip
openfire-3.6.4-1.i386.rpm 2009-07-09 nextclub11 [r7]
spark_0707.tgz 2009-07-08 nextclub11 [r6]
spark_0709.tgz 2009-07-09 nextclub11 [r8]
spark_source.tgz 2009-07-06 nextclub11 [r5]
메신저.vsd 2009-05-26 nextclub11 [r1]