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JCite 1.9 released

JCite 1.9 released with proper Ant task and support for tripwires. See http://arrenbrecht.ch/jcite/ for downloads.

Posted by Peter Arrenbrecht 2007-06-13

JCite 1.6 released

JCite 1.6 released with better internal structure and support for citing Excel sheets.

Posted by Peter Arrenbrecht 2006-11-11

File pattern and recursive folder processing support coming

Release 1.5 will have support for file pattern and recursive folder processing. As in:

jcite -i in/*.html -o out -r

Posted by Peter Arrenbrecht 2006-06-16

JCite 1.4 released

JCite 1.4 adds support for the {.jcite ..} javadoc tag, and has simplified highlighting. See the home page for details.

Posted by Peter Arrenbrecht 2006-06-13