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Tree [r4816] /

File Date Author Commit
AdmiralBattles 2011-06-24 kslisenko [r1499]
Airport 2011-07-05 nastena [r1505]
AirportOopModel 2012-10-17 serious-den [r3334]
Android 2013-01-24 dmitry-kalachov [r3497] final version
AngularJS 2014-02-17 evgenii-boltuho [r4435] add examples working with $resource service and...
Appium 2014-09-22 manchkin [r4802] add Appium example
AutomationTestingExamples 2011-09-03 kslisenko [r1864] JMock library example. Initial import.
Backupper 2012-10-17 mag-andrey [r3336]
BackupperProject 2012-10-25 mag-andrey [r3365] add ignored files
Bsuir-IBA 2012-11-26 maksmvenger [r3424]
BusinessProcessEngine 2011-11-14 skars [r2352] No changes from version 1.0
ChainOfResponsibility 2010-11-02 alpavl [r432] Constructor for the data container has been added.
CompanyDocumentsExtJS 2013-09-30 eugene-novik [r4377]
Controller 2010-12-21 alpavl [r627] Initial import.
DiplomProjects 2011-06-30 vidge [r1500]
FuelMonitor 2011-08-21 kslisenko [r1751] 1. backlog updated
FuelMonitorTest 2011-08-21 kslisenko [r1752] test deleteAll
GuavaLibExamples 2012-11-01 mag-andrey [r3382] Added examples with EventBus and Hash
HamcrestExample 2012-10-10 mag-andrey [r3310] Added hamcrest examples
ICEFacesTest 2012-01-13 kslisenko [r2460] autocomplete form sample added
InsultTrace 2011-05-13 volchek [r1355]
InteractiveManual 2013-09-20 eugene-novik [r4354] create panel. Add accordion sample
InteractiveSystemTesting 2013-06-03 evgenii-boltuho [r4264]
JMSExample 2011-12-03 kslisenko [r2402] JMS examples updated
JMSWebExample 2011-12-03 kslisenko [r2404] JMS example, running on web application added
JPAExample 2012-11-06 nastena [r3393] Initial import.
JSFExamples 2011-12-21 kslisenko [r2424] localization support added
JavaHistory 2014-06-04 friman134 [r4597] added examples for zip
JavaScriptExample 2012-02-02 pavelprokopovi4 [r2499]
JaxWSExample 2012-10-30 mag-andrey [r3378]
JazzTeamEdu 2013-02-13 rizen777 [r3576]
JazzTeamEnglishEdu 2011-11-24 zmicer [r2377]
JazzTeamLibrary 2013-05-17 zmicer [r4222]
JazzTeamLibs 2011-10-12 serious-den [r2262] deleted jenkins.war to deploy
JqueryJsonTester 2012-10-25 mag-andrey [r3367]
Liquibase 2012-11-06 nastena [r3392] добавление интеграции liquibase&hibernate
MPI 2012-05-08 kslisenko [r3156] Java MPI implementation added
Mashpits 2010-12-14 kslisenko [r597]
Maven_MultiModulesProject 2012-06-06 skars [r3163] Example "How to create multimodules maven project"
NumberToString 2011-08-23 zmicer [r1768] Some cosmetic changes applied.
NumberToStringConverter 2011-06-15 kslisenko [r1459]
POC 2012-10-08 serious-den [r3303] JS OOP
PostMachine 2010-09-13 alpavl [r240] Initial import.
ProjectHealthCar 2013-09-16 evgenii-boltuho [r4345]
ProjectIncubator 2011-02-10 alpavl [r666] Some hardcode and garbage code has been fixed.
PrototypeCopyFIleMavenPlugin 2013-09-10 eugene-novik [r4318]
PrototypeFilesDownload 2013-09-12 eugene-novik [r4330]
PrototypeZurbDCLS 2013-09-16 evgenii-boltuho [r4343]
QA-Education 2014-06-05 dmitryhramenkov [r4606]
ResponsiveDesign 2013-08-27 qwer1 [r4273]
SQLStudying 2012-12-22 nastena [r3475] поправлены названия запросов в соответствии с д...
SchoolJournalProject 2011-07-18 nastena [r1547]
Servlets 2012-03-09 pavelprokopovi4 [r2946] Added my servletExample
ShareIdeas 2011-06-03 kslisenko [r1442]
Shortcut2File 2010-09-09 alpavl [r222] Initial import.
ShowLog 2013-09-18 evgenii-boltuho [r4350]
SimpleAntTest 2011-11-04 skars [r2324] Created simple application which runs from ANT.
SimpleHibernate 2011-07-29 volchek [r1626] delete .settings folder
Snipple 2011-10-19 roiderra [r2285] renamed folder code to java
SnippleEclipsePlugin 2011-08-05 kslisenko [r1662] Eclipse plug-in for snipple: 1) refactoring and...
SpoSem6Lab1 2011-04-10 kslisenko [r1176]
SpringMVCExamples 2012-11-07 mag-andrey [r3396] Added jetty server and examples with Scopes
SpringTransactionsExample 2011-08-27 kslisenko [r1790] Good example of JTA + Spring (annotations, xml ...
StrutsExample 2012-01-09 pavelprokopovi4 [r2449] My StrutsExample and JavaScriptExample projects
StudentHelper 2013-09-17 evgenii-boltuho [r4349]
TCPExample 2011-11-27 kslisenko [r2389] Urgent data transfer added
TeamManager 2011-03-09 qwer1 [r887]
TestEngine 2010-12-06 noxt [r575]
TradingManager 2011-07-15 roiderra [r1542]
UniversityModelProject 2012-09-20 dmitry-kalachov [r3276]
UpdateController 2010-11-02 volchek [r429] added use case documentation
Vaadin 2014-09-26 manchkin [r4812] add new vaadin example
XMLframework 2012-05-05 r00tmaster [r3154] Creating a project in the repository. Establish...
XSDCombiner 2013-09-13 evgenii-boltuho [r4334]
XugglerVideoExample 2012-11-14 serious-den [r3403] Утилиты для видео фикс
autotests 2013-11-06 serious-den [r4378] remove date
branches 2012-08-12 mag-andrey [r3222]
conf 2012-07-30 dmitryhramenkov [r3199]
db 2012-07-30 dmitryhramenkov [r3199]
education 2015-02-10 denislazarev [r4816] added private project for Denis Lazarev
educationSystem 2012-11-19 serious-den [r3409] Исправлен баг сохранения большой диаграмы
guiceExample 2012-10-17 mag-andrey [r3337] guice example
hackathon 2011-10-09 kslisenko [r2250] renamed few classes, changed resources
hellowicket 2012-09-25 serious-den [r3285] добавлен пример с сортировкой
hooks 2012-07-30 dmitryhramenkov [r3199]
html5 2012-07-06 serious-den [r3180] add new project html5
index 2014-09-15 andy-gorozhanko [r4800]
jQuerySample 2011-11-22 skars [r2362] This sample illustrates basic using of jQuery F...
jqgrid-example 2014-09-25 manchkin [r4807] modified jqgrid-example, added index2.html in r...
locks 2012-07-30 dmitryhramenkov [r3199]
practice20112012 2012-10-25 mag-andrey [r3366]
sandbox 2014-02-13 romanmakhovenko [r4433]
testFolder 2015-02-04 manchkin [r4815] added folder for testing
xsdSample 2012-07-31 serious-den [r3202] add xsdSample project
.project 2010-11-12 pavelprokopovi4 [r474]
Desktop.ini 2012-07-30 dmitryhramenkov [r3199]
Index2.html 2014-09-25 manchkin [r4807] modified jqgrid-example, added index2.html in r...
format 2012-07-30 dmitryhramenkov [r3199]
index.html 2014-09-15 andy-gorozhanko [r4801]