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Available Plots

So far, we've got a Box plot and a Cumulative Frequency chart working nicely. Future plans include a histogram among other commonly used statistical plots.

Posted by Geoffrey Hichborn II 2003-09-22

More powerful plotting architecture....

We've decided to implement a more powerful tree based potting architecture. This will allow you to generate highly complex plots, including overlays and splits.

The sad thing is that the powerful architecture is working, but the dammed JTree Swing component is being a real pain. We simply can't get enough information to figure out what we have to do to kick the dammed thing into updating its (narrow) view of the data.

Posted by Mitch Williams 2003-09-22

StatPlot selectie Alpha close at hand...

The project has surged ahead of schedule, and we're expecting to have something resembling an alpha release in the very near future -- perhaps by the middle of next week.

Posted by Mitch Williams 2003-09-20