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2.2.7 release

see history.txt for details

Posted by Bela Ban 2004-09-08

2.2.6 released

Check out the files section for details

Posted by Bela Ban 2004-08-04

JavaGroups version 2.2.1 released

JavaGroups provides reliable group communication based on IP multicast and configurable protocol stack. This release includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements.

See http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=220870
for details.

Bela, March 1st 2004

Posted by Bela Ban 2004-03-02

Name changed to JGroups (version 2.2)

The name was changed to JGroups, plus a new version 2.2 was created. The name change was made to avoid potential litigation (the name 'Java' is trademarked by SUN).
Bela Ban

Posted by Bela Ban 2003-09-15

Version 2.1.1 released

This is just a snapshot for the last version of JavaGroups. The next releases will be under the new name of JGroups

Posted by Bela Ban 2003-09-09

Version 2.1 released

  • Aggressive pbcast.STABLE message garbage collection protocol to kick
    off collection when a certain number of bytes have been received (in
    addition to periodic collection)
  • New protocol for multicast flow control (FC). Created PerfTest to
    test large number of messages with fc.xml
  • New building block: DistributedQueue
  • Diagnostics interface
  • Various fixes to shun-reconnect sequence
  • Added versioning to UDP and TCP. Message with different versions
    will be flagged (warning), but not discarded
  • New suite of callRemoteMethods() methods in RpcDispatcher (e.g. using
    JMX style calling)
  • New unicasting functionality: connect(null) creates a channel to a
    remote unicast receiver
  • Beanshell (www.beanshell.org) protocol. Allows to inject Java code
    dynamically into a running stack
  • New encryption protocol (ENCRYPT)
  • Number of bug fixes
Posted by Bela Ban 2003-07-07

Version 2.0.6 released

  • Added FLOW_CONTROL protocol to throttle sender when receivers are
    lagging behind.
    (Ananda Jan 20 2003)

  • Added ChannelClosedException and ChannelNotConnectedException to
    Channel.getState() and Channel.getStates()
    (bela Jan 20 2003)

  • Various fixes related to the connect-disconnect-connect sequence:
    TUNNEL sends a null local address up the stack when disconnected,
    GossipClient provides a new timer and also cleans up the groups map
    when stopped, pbcast.NACKACK cleans up the NakReceiverWindows when
    disconnected and resets the seqno.
    (ovidiuf Jan 16 2003)

  • Added capability to stuff additional data into an IpAddress. Use the CONFIG event to
    do this after channel creation but before connecting.
    IpAddress.getAdditionalData()/setAdditionalData() can be used to manage that data.
    This is useful e.g. when we want logical addresses rather than IpAddresses
    (bela Jan 14 2003)... read more

Posted by Ananda Bollu 2003-01-25

Version 2.0.3 released

  • Fixed serious Queue bug (affects RpcDispatcher, DistributedHashtable and other building blocks)
  • ConnectionTable changes
  • MessageDispatcher changes
  • Other bug fixes
Posted by Bela Ban 2002-09-21

Upgraded Xerces JARs to 2.1.0

The Xerces JARs shipped with JavaGroups have been upgraded from 2.0.0 to 2.1.0. The reason is thet with JDK 1.3.X and xerces 2.0.0 there were segmentation faults. This wasn't a problem with JDK 1.4. With Xerces 2.1.0, both JDK 1.3 and 1.4 work okay.

Posted by Bela Ban 2002-08-31

SMACK / FD_SIMPLE protocols added

  • SMACK is a simple reliable multicast protocol, which does not require any group membership information
  • FD_SIMPLE is a simple failure detection protocol. Can be used with SMACK
  • smack.xml defines a protocol stack which uses SMACK, UNICAST and FD_SIMPLE for a lightweight reliable unicast and multicast protocol stack
  • All files are available in the CVS only
Posted by Bela Ban 2002-08-22

JavaGroups 2.0.1 released

  • Stable version
  • Features XML support for protocol stack definition
  • Numerous bug fixed
  • Performance enhancements
  • Memory reduction
Posted by Bela Ban 2002-07-20

New look for JavaGroups website

The JavaGroups website has a new look: point your browser to www.javagroups.com to check it out.
Thanks to the jakarta-site2 and Velocity folks for their great stuff !

Posted by Bela Ban 2002-05-20

AUTOCONF protocol available

AUTOCONF senses the network configuration and configures a protocol stack accordingly. This leads to fewer protocol stack misconfigurations.
Currently available only in the head CVS.

Posted by Bela Ban 2002-05-14

New building block: ReplicatedTree

  • Very useful replicated structure
  • Tree-like structure, each node has a hashtable
  • Every change is replicated to all members
  • Building block: org.javagroups.blocks.ReplicatedTree
  • Demo: org.javagroups.demos.ReplicatedTreeDemo
Posted by Bela Ban 2002-02-12

JavaGroups 2.0 (experimental) available

  • New package structure, method names. Classes have been moved to the correct package
  • Improved performance, some bug fixes
  • For those who don't want to fetch the code from the CVS
  • Some demos and tests won't work yet
  • Existing applications have to be modified to compile (should be straightforward though)
Posted by Bela Ban 2002-02-12

Users's Guide and JavaDoc for 2.0 available

The new User's Guide (Postscript, PDF and HTML) and the Javadoc documentation for JavaGroups-2.0 are now available at http://www.javagroups.com.
The next item will be the Programmer's Guide. Stay put....

Posted by Bela Ban 2001-12-23

Token-based total order protocol added

Hey everybody,

I am pleased to announce that initial commit of Total order protocol
implementation based on "The Total Single-Ring Ordering and Membership
Protocol" http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/amir95totem.html is in cvs.

New classes are:


Do please check it out , grind it etc etc

Vladimir & Mariya

Posted by Bela Ban 2001-12-23

User's Guide for JavaGroups 2.0 available

First draft is available as Postscript and HTML at http://www.javaggroups.com

Posted by Bela Ban 2001-12-21

Version 2.0 available (in CVS)

A first draft of the reorganization of JavaGroups has been submitted to the CVS. Changes include:
- New package and directory structure
- Changed all method names to start with lowercase
- Classes moved to correct package
==> Client code has to be changed to work with JavaGroups 2.0

Posted by Bela Ban 2001-12-21

Version 1.0 released

Stable release of JavaGroups, a toolkit for reliable group communication. Finally contains the MERGE(2) protocol. Have fun and report bugs via the bug tracker.
Bela Ban

Posted by Bela Ban 2001-11-02

Bug fix release

This is a quick-fix release for the severe NAKACK bug in The best bet is to skip and download directly.

Posted by Bela Ban 2001-05-11

Version released

Contains additions, bug fixes and performance improvements since

Posted by Bela Ban 2001-05-04

Version released

This version is contains a number of additions, bug fixes and performance improvements since version

  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Performance improvement
  • See history.txt for details
- Added PERF/LOOPBACK protocols
- New TOTAL protocol (by John Georgiadis)
- MERGE protocol (Gianluca Collot)
- Added Trace module (by Jim Menard)
- Added PBCAST protocol
- Added FD_PID protocol (for PID-based failure detection)... read more

Posted by Bela Ban 2001-05-04

Version released

  • Mostly bug fixes (converted all Thread.stop()/suspend()/resume() occurrences)
  • Bug fixes for PBCAST
  • New PARTITIONER protocol to simulate network partitions
  • New NotificationBus class for publish/subscribe type notifications
Posted by Bela Ban 2000-12-17

Release of JavaGroups is out

Snapshot containing the PBCAST protocols (./protocols/pbcast) which makes JavaGroups more efficient and scalable in WANs. This code is experimental. If you want to use PBCAST, just change the protocol stack specification (see example in ./Demos/Draw.java).
There is some minimal documentation in ./Protocols/pbcast/{README, DESIGN}.

Posted by Bela Ban 2000-12-07