Problem getting draw demo program to work UDP

  • bob


    I posted on help forum with no responses. If any one here has any ideas I would really apperciate it

    Please excuse me but I am a newbie to this and am stuck.I have spent hours trying to get the demo program to work using the gossip router and am badly stuck. I need help ASAP. I am a newbie so please bear with me as I am trying to take over code written by another developer who is no longer here.

    1. Our network no longer supports multicast. Our app was configured to use UDP

    2. After considering various options we decided to use UDP Unicast and Gossip router
      and I am simply trying to get the demo program to work.

    I am doing the following steps

    Launch Gossip Router on Machine A
    Launch demo draw app on Machine A (Shows up with One Member)
    Launch demo draw app on Macine B (Shows up also as One member)

    I was expecting to see 2 members in the group. Drawing in one client
    does not show up in other client.

    I see the GossipRouter started successfully with the following information

    GossipRouter is starting
    GossipRouter started at Tue Aug 14 16:57:14 PDT 2007
    Listening on port 5556 bound on address

    Here is my configuration info.

    For the draw programs


    see below.

    set PROPS="UDP(ip_mcast=false):PING(gossip_host=kuhlmakf;gossip_port=5556)

    Please tell me what I am doing wrong. This is an URGENT issue as we have to get this patch out to some important customers at the earliest. They do not allow multicasting in their enviroment and I am under the gun. The plan was to use UDP unicasting with Gossip Router.

    Bobby Soni