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jarnal-dev 2010-02-28 ghagerer [r76] Update of Jarnal-icons.
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jarnal-make 2009-10-18 davidklevine [r53] Currently testing the svn system. This release ...
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Read Me

Instructions for jarnal-svn

This SVN-repository is basically made to be used with Sun's Netbeans IDE. I have
also tested it with Eclipse and I think this does also work. The disadvantage
of Eclipse is that it doesn't have a integrated SVN-client like Netbeans.
Because of that I would advice you to use Netbeans.

In the following lines I will describe how to put up your Netbeans-IDE for
jarnal's SVN-repository.

At first download Netbeans. Linux users should use their distribution-repos,
Windows users download it from following adress: http://www.netbeans.org/

To download jarnal from svn start Netbeans and go to the Teams menu at the top
-> Subversion -> Download Version
-> URL: https://jarnal.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jarnal, no username or pw
-> Next -> After waiting some secs: Local Directory should be something like
..../NetBeansProjects/jarnal. Check Search for NetBeansProjects after
downloading. Then Press finish.

After this all jarnal-versions, jarnal-dev, jarnal-release and jarnal-stable
should be downloaded and be ready for getting modified.

If you want to commit changes you first need a SourceForge-account. Then I have
to give you the rights for submitting changes to the svn repository. For this
you can send me an e-mail to ghagerer@googlemail.com. Please tell me your
account-name on SourceForge and the changes you want to commit.